About us

Our approach / Our philosophy

The LTC Group philosophy is relentless pursuit of excellence through attention to details in the production of high-quality Magnetic Cores for a wide range of transformers and reactors.

Experience, solid know-how, continues and sophisticated R&D activities are the key factors of the production model already developed by LTC Group: the LTC Way.

Our Technical Departments are continuously supporting and providing our customers with the best technical assistance. Thanks to a large data and tests already collected and performed in 60 years of activities. They are simply able to secure the best solutions for any need.

LTC Group, Legnano Teknoelectric Company, was established by the Bertelli family, based on solid experience in the design and production of electrical transformers for the local market.

Nowadays LTC Group has an international presence and a leadership position in the Market, thanks to the many production facilities in Italy and in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai.

Our strengths

We have been operating in the trasformer sector for over 60 years

We are a family business but we have a managerial structure

We constantly invest in machinery and automation

We have solid relationships with the best steel producers in the world

We Know the raw material better than anyone else

We are very ambitious. Every day is a new day for us!

Our Plants

Our Certifications


EN ISO 15085

Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components
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Steel Clamps production certified
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Quality Management System
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ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
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ISO 14001

Environmental Management
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ISO 9001

Quality Management System
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Our Certifications

Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components
Health and Safety Assessment Series
Continuous Improvement, waste reduction, On-TIme Delivery
EN ISO 3834
Steel Clamps production certified

LEAN Manufacturing

LTC Group supports and aims to disseminate and apply the guiding principles of the lean manufacturing model by:

  • pursuing the fight against waste

  • pursuing continuous improvement

  • focusing on the customer

  • adding value to processes

  • using Lean tools and techniques to apply theprinciples (5S, VSM, Kanban)

Quality, Health andSafety, Environment and Energy Policy

For LTC Group, the quality of the products it supplies and of its processes, the protection of the health of workers and the community, risk prevention and environmental protection are strategic, priority objectives, equal in standing to economic and financial objectives.

With this in mind, LTC Group chooses to pursue the continuous improvement over time of a Management System compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards.

In particular, LTC Group undertakes to:

scrupulously  comply with all applicable laws and regulations, conduct business ethically,  pursue safety, continuously  improve the quality of products and processes, pursue the containment of  consumption of energy and natural resources and reduce carbon emissions,  promote professional skills, maximise Customer Satisfaction and pursue an  open dialogue towards collaborators, customers, suppliers and the community.

Click to read our complete Quality Policy anddownload the document in PDF.